Sunday, October 31, 2010

Life so Hard

Just sitting thinking when I was younger had no worries in the world. Just wish someone would have told me what to look out for as an adult. Meaning raising a family would have so many angles to it. You plan your life to be with someone then right before it gets good BAM!!! They dont want or love you any more. Now you are divorce looking to build a new life. Then comes the bills and you feel like everything is coming at you and cant see your way out. And we all know there is an GOD somewhere to get us through. Just seems like you are the only on going through at that time but there is someone else in the same position that you are. Just rambling on about life. I know that their someone going through right now cause I am one them, all I do is look at my kids and thats what keeps me going. Sometimes you need to think back and remember before it got hard how you got through. Now that times are hard all I do is pray and ask for strength to get through. Hope enyoy just rambling on about LIFE. Feel free to add.